‘Open Road’ [Diane’s} latest album offers enough spiritual infusion to suggest it should be offered by medical practitioners for ‘soul healing’. . . a fusion that needs to be heard . . . an instrumental mix that drives and pulses, soothes and caresses . . . Listen and feel healed.
--FolkWords, by Tom Franks

Open Road is Diane's newest CD release.
Order from one of these handy links,
though this album can be found
most anywhere you get your music!
Bandcamp has the digital record.
CDBaby has the physical and digital.

Diane’s guitar and ukulele drive the songs
and her lyrics tell stories of how we rise,
how we heal in diversity,
how we praise the beauty and grieve the losses.

There is a spirit search, and a longing in the words. One reviewer said, "Every song is some kind of call to action." And as well there are some exciting supporting musicians recorded here; Ani DiFranco plays on Come on Rain and sings on Shape of Your Sorrow! Ani’s drummer and bass player, Terrence Higgins and Todd Sickafoose, appear on most tracks, and supah lady drummer Janelle Burdell plays for Come on Rain.


Producer Mike “Nappy” Napolitano perfectly honors this Folkgoddess’s sound between solo acoustic, acappella, and full acoustic band mixes.

The fabulous and accomplished singer-songwriter Alice DiMicele performs backing vocals on tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, & 10.

Great West Coast festival-star guitarist Al Torre plays on Eagle Feather, Raven and Open Road. Max Ribner, horn man for Nahko and Medicine for the People, plays in the horn section on Baby Loves Love.

This is Diane’s wise womyn album. She’s making it at the ripe age of nifty fifty and including a couple of songs 15 years or so in the repertoire.

Open Road refers not so much to a musician’s tour schedule, but rather to antique peoples who lived nomadically, with animals, moving with the seasons, with music, rich artistry, and magic.

The opening song, Rogue River Highway calls out to honor the refugees with a healing spell in which the highway along our Southern Oregon Rogue River becomes a band of light around the globe, leading and protecting the people on their ways to new homes.

The album began when Diane and her partner Sheba visited Ani and her husband Nappy and their kids in their New Orleans home. We decided to get in the studio and record something. They picked Come on Rain and soon Ani was picking up the resonator guitar and figuring out a nice part that solidifies and threads through the whole mighty rain song. So exciting, and so good. From there Diane asked if they had time in the studio to make a whole record, and Nappy had space to take on a new artist. And here we are.

Folkgoddess Diane Patterson sings the world awake with strong voice,
rocking guitar, sweet ukulele, and revolutionary lyrics.

Her sincere spirit and wild heart joyfully plant seeds of love and light in every listener.

Diane’s been performing at festivals and venues since 1989, beginning with a season playing electric bass for the excellent Sacramento, California-based Blues Duo; then co-fronting a reggae and latin-inspired band in Davis called The Heat from 1989-1991.

She started in 1993, with Joe Kojima Gray and Dave Theno, the award-winning Diane Patterson Sextet, with Jan Peters and two percussionists, Warren Jones and Rita Hosking . . . yes, THE Rita Hosking! Following The Sextet have been 20 years of solo, duo, and trio work, often with Al Torre on guitar.

Currently Diane is touring her fabulous new CD, Open Road! This is her 5th independent solo album, produced by gold record-maker Mike Napolitano and featuring Ani DiFranco, recorded in New Orleans and coming out officially online February 23rd, 2018.

Teach, Inspire, Be Real :: Water is Life! 
Be kind, be connected, be unafraid

“Joni Mitchell meets Ani DiFranco. Patterson is a modern day folk goddess.”
“Diane is a young Pete Seeger.” —Percussionist & Composer, Geoffrey Gordon
“FANTASTIC. Diane, you are a great musician.” — Paul Emery Music, Nevada City, Ca. Oct. 2015
“Diane is an amazing songwriter and a world healer.” -- Bill Brickey, Chicago musician and producer



Folkgoddess Diane Patterson sings the world awake with her powerful voice, rocking guitar and revolutionary lyrics. Her sincere spirit and roots storytelling plant seeds of honor and respect. She’s fueled by music-as-activism and love-as-revolution.  Made in New Orleans, Diane’s new 2018 album features Mike Napolitano and Ani DiFranco. Based in Northern California, independent and supported by her community, Diane’s musical background spans ‘church’, blues, and world music. Since 1989, wordsmith Patterson weaves spirit and unifying stories, now around the world, on festival stages, at folk music venues and house concerts, with winter tours in Hawaii for many years, summers in Scandinavia, and cross-country tours of the USA. “Diane is an amazing songwriter and a world healer.” -- Bill Brickey, Chicago musician and producer

We are grateful for an amazing year ahead to bring forth Open Road.Teach.sticker-sm

Diane occasionally writes long stories from her adventures. Check 'em out here.

Listen here or on here to find the lyrics for “Teach • Inspire • Be Real”

For more information check out stories and herstory

Recent Posts

Standing O Project

Sheba and I had some days off on tour up here in New England and things got really fun. Having just listened to Ani DiFranco’s song production of U Utah Phillips’ story, “Mother Jones, the Most Dangerous Woman in American,” we got an email from the Standing ‘O’ Project founders, John Dillon and Vivian Nesbitt, stating that in nearby New Hampshire, Vivian would be performing a sketch of Si Kahn’s play, Mother Jones in Heaven. What?! A chance to meet John and Vivian and also get more edumacated about the great radical fiery labor leader, Mother Jones?! We did it. Sheba drove four hours in heavy summer rain to Central Sandwich, New Hampshire. ( For real! ) We sat in the lovely ooooold home/gallery/theatre, saw the one-woman play in its nascent form, participated in the Advice for the Players Q&A, and then got to meet and even have dinner with John and Vivian. Wow. And I have to really credit the universal mystery for this one also because we had to cancel a show in Connecticut that weekend and allow the great unknown to take us by the hand. We wouldn’t trade this experience, this connection with new friends, these very real people, folks dedicated to the waking and the change and the holiness of now. (The next day, the great mystery took us to the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival in the Village of Peacham, Vermont. Sweetness! Also wouldn’t trade those connections, new friendships, musical jams, and truly great musical inspirations.)

Well, my song for the buffalo and the Buffalo Field Campaign has been chosen Song of the Day for August 28th by Standing ‘O’ Project. I joined Standing O – it’s free – last fall when Sheba and I were driving through Kansas and heard one of their wonderful interviews on their 10-year-old program, Art of the Song. We loved the interview and heard the pitch for Standing O, an online music streaming company that claims to actually support the artists who make the music they stream. Subscribers pay $5 monthly, and can also tip artists on the website.

“Every month, 50% of your membership fee goes directly back to the ARTIST MEMBERS The rest supports this site and the listener-supported radio program that created it . . . We’ve built this community because it is vitally important that young people grow up in a world where being a musician is seen as a viable career path. Otherwise, Don McLean’s classic song, American Pie, where he sings of “the day the music died,” will become a tragic reality.” — Standing ‘O’ Project

Personally, I just got paid $7.62 from Spotify for May 22nd to August 20th, whatever that means. (I added up a long list of payments from Spotify on this statement, payments sized $.32 to $.01, to get that number – $7.62.) The total I got paid on this same statement from all digital and physical sales was $45. . . Anyways, we artists are curious about these things and from time to time actually look into them. I commend Spotify for paying me this bit through CDBaby, and I commend Stand ‘O’ Project for wanting to do better. I signed up with SoundExchange a couple years ago and haven’t received anything from them, but I think CDBaby has me covered. Enough of the shop talk already!

Sheba and I send you love. We are out here in the ‘ole USA on tour, loving harder and praying harder and really trying to look inside ourselves and find more ways to be part of the solutions. Thanks for all y’all are doing to make the world a wonderful place for all the living things. And remember, We are everywhere! There are many many more of us who love and let live than otherwise. Be kind. Stay in prayer. Stay non-violent.

The new record in New Orleans is still getting loved up.I have some more vocals to do. Alice DiMicele recorded lots or beautiful backing vocals. And we’re waiting on a couple more friends to add parts. Thanks to Ani and Mike for hosting us and believing in us. We are blown away by the goodness coming our way through the music. We are, in this moment, headed to Philadelphia to play a show at Ahimsa House, founded by friends Kellie Berns and Meg to be a place to practice peace. Give thanks for the guidance and protection we are constantly receiving.

All Blessings,

Diane and Sheba


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